News Update video

If you were a subscriber, you probably would have already seen this.

Between large amounts of writing for my upcoming exams and more work, oh yeah, and drafting, I have spent almost all of my free time sleeping. Shooting will happen this evening, and tomorrow’s my editing day. Stuff better be up by Sunday evening, or I’ll feel bad about it.

The master set review sheet does exist, but anything I give scores to has to be tenative, because I haven’t focused THAT hard on it. I’ll probably reconsider my scores when I get around to producing the show on that set.

But now you get retroactively applied scores to my older shows. You’re welcome.

The thing about it is, when it comes to sets, I only feel like reviewing sets with new cards in them. So Duel Decks, or old precons, or supplemental sets… well, if I really feel strongly about them, I’ll talk about them, but they’re not on my sheet. Core sets, I won’t talk about them until we get to M10. Why? Because they didn’t have new cards in them!

But the stats do have a strong trend to them. And it may surprise you that this dinosaur may say this, but in my view Magic has gotten a lot better over time, and the old days weren’t all that rosy. I do love some elements of older sets, but I think the game’s sweet spot only came about around its second decade. So if you think this show’s got rose colored Urza’s Sunglasses, think again. Tempest is a spike upwards, but it takes a while to get back to that level.


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