State of the show #2

Just a few notes, I’m doing a lot of multitasking and want to collect my thoughts here.

The next two shows I’ll do are Torment and Judgment.  I might interrupt those for a retro deck tech, but it depends on whether I can get the animations right or not.  After that, I’ll probably go back to Masques or forward with Onslaught.

I want to do a series on seminal decks, decks that will teach you fundamental strategies and improve your play by understanding them as archetypes.  The list needs work.  And that’s why I am asking you guys for help.

Trix is a good example of pure combo, Miracle-Gro is an aggro-control deck, Zvi’s My Fires is a classic aggressive deck with lots of opportunities to outplay opponents, Sligh has to be discussed, and Caw-Blade might be a good example of a classic Control deck.  Or I might go with Weissman’s  “The Deck”, the only deck that has the distinction of having the most ambiguous deck name ever.

I’ll probably put this at the end of the next video as a short message.


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