A few notes on upcoming shows

Whoa. My Champions of Kamigawa script, all three episodes, clocks in at close to 11k words. A bit of that is notation for visuals, there’s the review score which requires a lot of unpacking, but a lot of it is just a lot of text on the cards. The good thing is, it’s pretty tightly focused on the cards, their ancestors, and descendants, so I don’t have to do a lot of cultural references or visual gags, and I’ve done a ton of image searching already. This block is going to be a lot of work. And I still have to get these Betrayers and Saviors scripts partially done before I can start shooting Champs… but that’s why I’m gearing up to shoot Fallen Empires this week.

Happily, I can skip over Ravnica block if I want, because the awesome Evan Erwin has done 70 percent of what I want with his incredibly slick series, Forgotten Lore. That probably means that I should go backwards after Champs block, though. Which means either Urza’s Saga *gulp*, Mirage block *a very nervous gulp*, or Ice Age block *yawn*. In all likelihood, it’s going to be Ice Age block. I was only a lazy casual through Saga block, and I didn’t get all the real brokenness that was possible during that Standard. And I wasn’t playing at all during Mirage block. Ice Age is where I stopped playing for a while, for various reasons, and I have a good amount of experience with those cards. I missed out on Alliances, which is a shame, because Alliances is a good set. So that’s a set I can approach from a fresh perspective, though I’ve read enough to know what the good stuff in the set was. (Mirage block, though, is complicated enough to know that I don’t know enough.)

I am not touching Time Spiral until I’m well and ready, because I love Time Spiral the most of any set, and that block the most of any block. Everything I did for ABU? Pretty much that for Time Spiral, and a bit more since there’s the Timeshifted sheet. Planar Chaos can be done faster, and Future Sight is this crazy, wild set that needs tons and tons of explaining because it’s the What If? of Magic. That one will take about a month just to write, I imagine.

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