State of the Show (What’s next?)


I’ll probably shoot and post episode 10 by Sunday.  Prereleases are happening, and I’m playing in one at midnight on Friday, and possibly one Saturday afternoon.  The shooting itself for this show shouldn’t take long, but I probably need to make some stills for it, because the modifier stats are kinda small.

I am hard at work on scripts for the next few shows, but instead of doing a regular show next weekend I’m going to ditch the script and bust out my camera stand and shoot me cracking a box of Born of the Gods. I know cracking a box is a popular Youtube format, and I’m not against shameless pandering.  But cracking a box isn’t something you can script for.  I’ll probably practice by ‘opening’ some packs from my cube and just talking through them.

My cube is ginormous (700+) and has a few themes to it, but that is a topic I’ll save for when I need a break from set retrospectives.

After Vanguard and the box opening video, my next project is Masques block, then Odyssey block. I might get a deck retrospective in the mix too, which will in all likelihood be my Vintage foiled-out deck.  Fallen Empires and Homelands are on the wish list as well.

I was a kitchen table player from around Homelands to Tempest block, so while I can talk about Homelands or Mirage block, I don’t think I can really attest to mainstream player reaction very well at the time.  I could do the research for these periods, but it would entail appropriating a lot of other people’s writing, and I’d be worried about doing that and not giving credit.  That kind of thing matters.


Also, I’d bet dollars to donuts that Wizards will send Nathan Filion a care package if they can find his publicist’s address.

Ancestral Recall ep. 6 show notes


This show was important for me.  I wanted to tell some of my stories as a coverage guy.  I didn’t like how it came out in retrospect.  I felt like I came across as petty and hostile towards Tsukamoto. And you know what?  I was being honest.  I hate cheating, and the idea of doing it at the feature match table?  That was disrespectful to me and to Magic as a whole.  But I really wanted to dress down the table judge for letting that kind of crap happen.

The state of Japanese judging was pretty dreadful at the time, though, in my humble opinion.

The Komuro matchup was a god damned shame.  I mean, I could have changed the outcome by saying “Dude, why did you miss that it had trample?”  I chose to shut up.  And it didn’t make the game look good.

On the other hand, making the game look good is important for coverage writers.  On the other other hand, it’s important to get the details about controversy.  And the situation was utterly controversial.  I’m just glad Komuro won a Pro Tour so we don’t have to dwell on this morass.

This show is one that everyone seemed to skip.  It’s my least favorite show of the bunch that’s still live.  I might even consider revising it.

I never did tell my PTR story, by the way.  That’s a topic I may share some other day.  I find it a little egotistical to crow about my coverage writer experience.  I think I had some good gags and enjoyable lessons I was able to share as a writer.  BDM really liked my style at GP DC (Or was it Philly?) in 2008.  I told Riki Hayashi who was also doing coverage that I thought that the most important part of text coverage was telling a story.  Depicting everything isn’t important.  Depicting the key plays and human drama (if there is some) is what matters.

I feel that I fell short of that mark in this show, except for the Saitou section.