The big List of Lists

This is a master list of ideas for Top 10 lists.  Top 10 Lists are a nice way to keep some content on the channel without doing as much research and editing as the regular episode format. They’re also fairly short.  But they’re not just Top 10 lists, they’re also an educational tool, to give players of the game an idea about what the history of that card type is, what the archetype of that type is in fiction or the real world and what traits of the inspiration come through.  Where did the idea of golems come from?  What tropes do sphinxes embody?  How have vampires changed over time in Magic in terms of design?

There are some tough ones, that require a LOT of analysis, or just lack the numbers to really have it out with.  We’re talking at least 25, generally speaking.  Spells are harder to analyze than creatures, as they’re just harder to process in Gatherer and compare all at once.  Creature types are much more easy to get to in terms of flavor and tropes, and they’re also way easier in terms of searching.  But with that said, I’ve done a non-creature list before.

Here’s a list of what I’ve done:

Cats, Dogs, Discard Spells, Rogues, Elementals, Vampires, Zombies, Golems, Giants, Sphinxes

And here’s the list of topics I came up with.  And there are a lot.  There are some I rejected as well, so if it’s not here, that’s likely why.  A Top 10 Wizards list… holy crap, that’d be impossible.  But this is the list of lists as it stands:

Clerics, Assassins, Viashino, Fireballs, Wraths, 20 Wizards, Threshold Cards, Demons, Goats, Orcs, Spirits, Rats, Beasts, Centaurs, Archers, Druids, Horrors, Minions, Plants, Treefolk, Vedalken, Insects

Of these, one of them is already done, and I’ll shoot it after the Urza’s Destiny conclusion. Rats is also very likely, as I’ve already done Cats and Dogs, so that’s the most obviously connected one.

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