The Three Year Plan

Hi, folks.  For those of you who find this, you’re likely fans of the show or close friends of mine.  And if you’ve followed my show for a while, you know that I put out about 10-15 episodes a year these days.  The length has gone way, way up in terms of content, so my output is still as substantial as the early years, but I release less frequently.  Adding green screens has actually not added that much time to the show when it comes to editing, though I’ve spent less time working on cutaways.

The number one time consuming part of producing the show is writing the scripts and research.  This is  THE hard part.  It requires many, many passes of the visual spoilers, as well as thinking about what kind of predecessors and remakes come up, and how relevant they are.  I have to decide what to cut, because i do leave stuff on the cutting room floor, especially when shooting goes awry.  But some things are “load-bearing”, as in they have to be done exactly right.  And so I mark down in my scripts what is crucial, and what’s merely edifying.

But I do try to focus on formula, and deviate from it only occasionally, so as to create a sense of continuity as well as a way for the videos to be used as citations and resources.  I follow WUBRG order almost always.  And I think about the order of releases these days, and how the big picture looks.

And yes, I’ve pencilled in the next season’s topics, and episode breakdowns.  I’m going to do five shows on Time Spiral.  Three on Planar Chaos and three on Future Sight.  They require a lot more outside connections than the other sets, because that is the freaking point.  And since I like to share my work, here it is.  This is the rundown for the next three years, and beyond.  I’ve tried to keep them in the order of how I’ll write the scripts.  And yes, I will take a break after the Legends episodes are done to write the next 12 episodes.  That’s when I will put out some Top 10 lists.


Season 2:

Urza’s Destiny (scripts done), episodes 58-59

Legends (scripts done), episodes 60-62

Season 3:

Mirage (63-65)

Visions (66-67)

Weatherlight (68-69)

Arabian Nights (75)

Ravnica: COG (70-72)

Guildpact (73-74)

Dissension (76-77)

Antiquities (78)

Time Spiral (79-83 – Story/Suspend/split second , black-blue, white-red, green-artifacts, timeshifted subset + final analysis)

Planar Chaos (84-86)

Future Sight (87-89)

Coldsnap (90)

— END Season

Season 4 (this sequence is less clear at the moment):





1994-1995 Non-Magic Episode #3 (episode 100 – tinfoil hat episode)

Portal 1, 2, Starter

Shards of Alara


Alara Reborn

Portal Three Kingdoms

A History of Core Sets – Revised through Fifth Edition (pre-Limited)

Sixth through 10th – Simple Limited play, dribs of power, how each set altered Standard

PROFILE:  The slow evolution of Planeswalkers




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