Urza’s Legacy Retrospectives

So yeah, I got two episodes out fairly quickly.  I plan to try to stick to a weekly release schedule until I go back to work for a bit, part-time.  I’ve got a great shot at getting a solid job in Japan for next year, but in the meantime, I need to stay busy and make some money to help work off these student loans.  I’d prefer not to sell off much of my collection, and I already have some saved up for the Aether Revolt release.

First off,

And then

I’m working on pounding out the end of season scripts, which will lead to me taking a break while working on Mirage.  But I am closing the season on a large set.  And a very historic one.  Yeah, we’re closing with Legends.  That way, Season 3 can do Arabian Nights, Antiquities, and Mirage block, and then there’s nowhere to go but forward in time from Ravnica!  (Oh, and the core sets, and Portal sets, and the boxed sets… )

So much to do.

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