Long time, no update. Back in the US

Honestly, I had a very difficult year. Working in KSA was somewhat lucrative, but the people I worked for were abusive, greedy, and didn’t care about doing the job right.  And I had a ton of stress, more stress than at any other point in my life.  So my output’s been pretty measly.  Happy people can create.  Miserable, stressed, anxious people don’t really make all that much, except for stuff that perpetuates that angst.

Still I have gotten some stuff out there.

This post covers my Alice block reviews.  No, I don’t consider Coldsnap to be part of Alice block, even though booting Homelands out in favor of it was the right thing to do.  This was also when I started working with green screens, in episode 49.




And what’s up with the missing episode?  More about that in the next post.






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