Catching up with produced episodes

I’m still getting the last of my visa paperwork together, but in all likelihood, I will be leaving the US in late August for the Middle East to teach for a year.  This does not mean that my show will be ending.  There will be a short hiatus, but I am editing episode 47 right now, have scripts for episode 48 and 49, and am finishing up the script for my landmark 50th Episode.  I even have some work done on episodes 51 and 52, Alliances.  Alliances is a scary set for me, because I never played with any of the cards from the set outside Extended, Alliances through Mirage block is when I left the game.  But I think I should be able to hit the key points effectively.

In the meantime, here’s my Saviors of Kamigawa videos, and part one of my Planeshift retrospective.  When it’s done, I can honestly say that I have reviewed every expert level set from Mercadian Masques to Saviors of Kamigawa, a 6 year run.  That’s impressive.

Show Update: Hints at the landmark 50th Episode

Whew. I still need to write the conclusion, but I wrote a 3400 word script today for my 50th episode, on a product by WotC that I have heard no one talk about in years. (And there’s a reason for that.) It’s good writing, it hits all the details I have to (I think), and yet I still have to shoot the damn thing. This is going to be a show that some of my viewers will totally not care about at all, others will actively dislike it, but for some people, this is going to be an eye-opening show. Expect it in late October, though I may shoot it before I leave the country.

If you really want to know what it is, message me on Facebook, and I’ll let you know.