Fallen Empires Retrospective

This one took a while to write.  I try to talk about the good stuff here, and skip over the bad stuff.  This was a rather long show to produce; the assets were pretty lousy in comparison to Kamigawa, which almost spoiled me.

So now at this point, I’ve covered ABU, the Dark, Fallen Empires, and Homelands.  That means I will have explored the weakest sets in all of Magic.  Yay.

Champions of Kamigawa Retrospective

So this got done. With less than a day live, part 3 is almost at 1000 views, so I can say that this was a pretty decent success.  Part 3 is the one that covers the most discussion of cultural tropes and audience expectations, and so I’m happy with how it came out.

I wonder how many people actually know the Dreidel song, and how I didn’t really stray from the original all that much with my filking.

Next up is Betrayers, obviously.