ABU Retrospective, Part 2

Episode #26, my White episode.  This one’s kinda short because I can skip over eight of the cards.  Once you know how White Ward and COP: Black work, it’s pretty straight forward.

The Red episode.  This one’s pretty straight forward, no complaints about it other than that I wasn’t able to shoot in my preferred location.

The Green one.  This one is the shortest, since there really weren’t that many revolutionary creatures in Green, and Green is the creature color.  Right?

Well, kinda…

As of this posting, I am in the middle of editing the artifact episode, which is a GIANT mother of a video (36+ minutes).  Artifacts are a big deal, and deserve discussing.  And then there’s a wrapup to come.  Which is also written, but will also require a lot of producing (and shooting).  That’s also where I will do my final review.


ABU Retrospective videos, part 1:

The first video, the overview of the set and the history of how it came to be, is my most popular video ever to date.

The second video is about black.  This one has more discussion of the context of gaming and the social reaction to it in the American right wing fundamentalist community.  Just like showing one’s elbows, zoot suits, rock and roll, Marilyn Manson, and video games, Magic was declared to be a recruiting tool for Satan by some individuals in this country.  I discuss it in this video.

The third video is my 25th anniversary, where I discuss ABU’s blue cards.  I try not to spend too much time on the three Restricted cards.