Top 10 Magic Dogs

This isn’t my favorite video, because I was sick as a … dog when I shot it, but it was a fun concept. I wish I had written more dog gags in it. But it gets the job done.

I probably spent too much time talking about Tone-Loc. Also, I’m glad I was able to play Atomic Dog for such a long time in the video. If I could vote for a Clinton for president in 2016, it’d be for George.

Hound of Griselbrand could easily bump the Hellfire Mongrel out of its spot on the list, since it’s actually a powerful card. I know someone beat me with it in draft once, so it should have come up, but in my defense, Hound of Griselbrand doesn’t really feel dog-like to me. I know I lost more to Hellfire Mongrel (and beat people with Hellfire Mongrel) than the Hound.


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