Episode 11 update

Hey, guys.  The script for episode 11’s done.  It took a long time to write, and it’s got two separate story segments.  It’s going to be longer than the Dark or Invasion episode, and probably should clock in at 15 minutes.  I decided that I’ll go back to Masques block at a later date, and move forward and do Odyssey block in sequence.  Highlights include predicting the winner of a Pro Tour during round 10, a story involving Magic’s most notorious Pro player of all time, and squirrel jokes.

Update:  Shooting’s done, and after judicious editing I cut it down to 26 minutes.  I need to add captions and images, but it looks good.  It should be up for Friday or Saturday.  I dug out a really neat Japanese item that I’ll show off. I also show off the show’s namesake.




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