Ancestral Recall #9 Exodus Retrospective Show Notes



The show’s live.

I’m glad that you, dear reader, could read my notes, so that you can see what I added and cut.  I revise scripts constantly before and during shooting.  The conclusion got extended, the initial explanation got expanded, and I actually liked the way I punched the score in.  I wish I had extended the length of that shot, though.

This show was the show where I explained how old sets had power concentrated in non-creature permanents to a much greater extent than today.  That’s one of the issues I have wanted to talk about from the show’s inception.

Also, the Il Cartographer edit was incredibly ingratiating.  Every time I see that card, I sing the song.  It isn’t really danceworthy, but I wanted to be goofy on camera.  There are one or two frames where you can see Strong Bad, but they’re mostly covered up well.

And yes, I probably will reference this joke in a later show, almost certainly during Odyssey block.

I like namedropping coverage people.  I really regret not having worked with Rashad Miller or Marshall Sutcliffe or the SCG coverage people, but that’s what happens when almost everything I did in coverage happens in Japan.


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