Ancestral Recall ep 8 show notes

This show debuted the oval bluescreen.  This is what I wanted since day 1.  The next thing I want to do?  Add more detailed lines.  I’m a horrible digital artist, though.  But I need lines to guide my image sizing.

You might have noticed a few professional wrestling references in my shows.  Portcullis is a heel card, and it’s fun when its controller gets their comeuppance.  I like heel cards that can be reversed.  They make for good narratives.

I talk a lot about how I don’t like Propaganda effects.  I usually associate them with annoying opponents.  I do like using them, though, but when I do I usually like splashier versions, like Ensnaring Bridge.

Last month I dug up my old Standard Ensnaring Bridge deck, which had a playset of Vindicates and Death Grasps in it.  The coolest thing about that deck was the old KMC Gunmetal sleeves, though.  Man, I miss Japanese KMCs.  They keep the cool ones for themselves and only ship the boring ones overseas.

One thing that I did with this video was adding more ‘wait time’, giving time between card profiles to allow for captions.  I want to manage the visual input so that it’s a little easier to follow.  This also allows me to slow down my speed just a bit.  My earlier videos had me talking a bit faster than I’d like.



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