Ancestral Recall ep. 7 show notes

This one will be the last show I do with blocky bluescreen.  I’m much more happy with episode 8’s curved bluescreen.  The only good thing about the blocky blue screen was that it gave me a great reference for where I was putting my card images and getting their size close.

I loved the Shocker pun.  Sometimes my hands are especially clumsy, and I had the pose for JUST a second, and then it went to all hell.  This show is probably going to be the most risque one I do, due to the nature of the joke.  The only thing that puts the show in PG territory is card art.

This set seriously had so many neat things in it, that I had to put a list in the credits that covered all the things I wanted to write about, but didn’t.  The show was the longest to date, and while I enjoyed making it, I didn’t want to sit on it for forever.

Tempest is one of the few sets I took the time to acquire by getting a complete set.  My set’s in Portuguese.  Why Portuguese?  I dunno.  It was cheap, and I’m glad I picked it up.

So many missed opportunities, but I felt like I hit the most important bits.

Oh yeah, and I like the hat!  I seriously was going to the bathroom to check on my hair constantly in earlier shoots.  It drove me crazy. How could I focus?  By wearing a hat.  I put it somewhere this week, so I can’t shoot without it.  I went to four different thrift shops looking for one, but my head is stupidly large (I needed a 2XL at the actual hat store on South Street).  So that limits my selection significantly.

I didn’t want to copy any of the people on That Guy With the Glasses, so I went with a flat cap with a neat argyleish black and white print.  It’s pretty warm, and when I was playing it at FNM my head got sweaty.  Weird.  I usually wear knit caps, but I wanted to get something to put me in the zone.  And it felt good to wear it.

Also, the show shows off my kick ass Batman shirt at the end.  I got it at a Japanese surf shop.  It’s my most expensive shirt.  And it is truly sweet.


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