Ancestral Recall ep 5 notes

Cool, we’re at the ‘end’ of season 1, as I originally planned it.  This one’s a deep cut, going all the way back to a set that I find lousy. The creatures are weak and boring, except for a few rares which were awesome.  But Magic wasn’t able to figure out what the power level should be.

I wanted more Squire jokes.  Squire is the butt monkey of Magic.  But I felt like I was beating a dead horse after a while.

I’m really proud of my art discussion here.  It was a giant pain in the ass; I don’t like doing stills in other programs that much.  But it paid off.  And I am a legit Drew Tucker fan.

Yes, the set is very weak by modern standards.  But at the time, it was new, it had cool art, it had fresh concepts (white being a bad guy), and that was enough for me to enjoy it.  My set reviews do have current insight, but I try as much as possible to try to think about the set in the context when I was playing it the most.

At some point, I want to do a ‘missed opportunities’ show.  If so, I’ve got to revisit this set.  And lots of others.  Also, it encourages others to go and see the older videos.

I liked the Spinal Tap reference.  So sue me.

The innovation in this show?  The final score.  People like numbers, so they feel like they can understand the subjective quality, at least from my perspective.  I am just one guy, though, so I don’t want to claim ultimate arbiter status.


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