Ancestral Recall #3 Show notes

The breakthrough I did with this video was that I figured out how to get closer to the Colbert setup by making a blue screen/greenscreen overlay on the side.  I edited the raw footage before adding captions, then overlaid the blue screen, saved it, and then opened the new file and added captions and stills to that.  It isn’t rocket science in hindsight, but I had to figure it out on my own.

This was my first set retrospective, and I liked it a ton. I was able to get into the details of how mana fixing used to work, and contrast it with the more modern models.  If there’s something I regret, it’s adding cards that suck.  I should make more fun of sucky cards in every set.

This script was much longer, and I cut a lot of it making the video.  Wafo-Tapa?  No discussion.  I probably should have done it in a two parter.  Maybe some day I’ll revisit when I get to Planeshift, the set that really had only one card that mattered, Flametongue Kavu.  Seriously.  Planeshift had some good commons and uncommons for limited play, but in terms of Constructed goodies… it wasn’t that special.  It wasn’t bad, but it was the definition of mediocrity.

I wanted to get into the different design approaches, symbiosis versus Chinese menu… but it was long enough.  I was wrestling with iMovie the whole way, too. It’s gotten easier.

Anyway, that’s the scoop on episode 3.


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