Ancestral Recall ep. 4 show notes

This show was also a major improvement on the preceding one. I used Keynote to do some fun profiles on old enemy gold cards, and used a great PS&G track to back it. I wouldn’t do it again, because I’m worried about content ID, but it looks like the track got missed. It isn’t surprising, considering it’s a track from a fairly obscure TV show.

This script was lazy at the end. I didn’t have the usual outro in front of me, and the delivery suffered for it.

I trimmed a lot from the script because I was worried about length. Boredom is not what I want the audience to experience.

Yelling at the captions is something I love. I like to pry bricks out of that fourth wall.

Why did I change the scenery?  I was spending the end of the year at my parents’ place, and there weren’t any rooms with white walls and good lighting.  So I decided to brave the elements and shoot outside.  Shooting in a winter wonderland doesn’t quite work.  I live in West Philly, which is rather short on natural settings, so I figured I’d take advantage of the shift.  Necessity is the mother of all that.


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