Show #2: Aged Black Leather

A few things:

1.  There are a few people who play Magic 95. The format for this deck was even MORE limited than Magic 95 (sets up to the Dark).  No one in my area had Alpha or Beta, but we had gotten a lot of Unlimited.

2.  My first opponent was Ed Czymeryk, a long time best friend.

3.  I wasn’t very happy with the editing on this video, but I was quite the newb.  I spent a few hours trying to figure out how to get a blue sidebar overlay, and I figured it out for the next episode. The captions were wildly lousy, but at least I had that kind of dialogue going.

The show didn’t have the deck list, and I forgot to talk about Terror!  Man, I was green making this deck.

But old school Black was awesome.  I’ve since fallen into the blue mage camp, thanks to a fling with Buehler Blue which I’ll always remember.  I don’t like the griefing that black discard was back in the day.  But I was young, dumb, and selfish.

I also experimented with using a clip from a Strong Bad email, which in retrospect, I regret.  I am very concerned about getting my account pulled, since the whole Youtube Content ID system is screwing over lots of creators these days.  I did credit it at the end, but the automated system does not give a fuck.

The Thraddash music is a free remix of music from the 1994 PC hit Star Control II.  The game and the music has been in the public domain for a while.  I wish I could keep using it, but I am sticking with my self-created guns.


Show notes below.


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