Show #1: Fun with Fact or Fiction notes

A few things about this show you may want to know.

This episode was originally recorded first in early December, when I was first learning how to use iMovie.  And it royally sucked.  The problem in five words:  “Dead air, uhm, dead air.”  I didn’t have any captions, and I didn’t have a blue screen overlay.  I pulled it from Youtube, but kept the initial show order.  I took the script and cut it down seriously.  The good bits are the Fact or Fiction context setting and my sneaky trick.

Go and look at the Youtube publishing dates, and you’ll see that episode 2 is the oldest one.  The remake of episode 1 got posted between episodes 5 and 6.

Wizards needs to reprint Blood Oath.  It’s a snazzy burn spell, and it rewards diversifying your card types.  I can see it not being in Theros block, though, as there is a higher creature count thanks to Bestow.

This show also featured my use of KeyNote for animation.  Keynote has a lot less tools than Powerpoint, but it also happens to be a lot easier.  I like the way the Fact or Fiction piles looked.  I tried some animation for the Stronghold show (ep. 8), but it didn’t work the way I wanted, and I gave up after about 90 minutes of trying to get it work right.

Anyway, clickie on the video for context.


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